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May 13, 2022
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Although Lost Ark is well known for its party-oriented content, the game also features much solos-oriented content like exploration, questing, trade skills, and gathering collectibles. So to be efficient in exp grinding, gamers should make sure their characters are optimized for solo and PvE scenarios. Are you looking for the best class to play solo? Berserker Berserkers are one of the greatest solo classes. With an incredible amount of AOE, an easy-to-understand kit, and buffs when the HP is low, the Berserker is the best to play solo. No other class comes even remotely close to the Berserker. Besides AOE, the Berserker also has numerous movement speeds and tenacity buffs. They significantly reduce the risk of getting CC’d in crucial timings of raids. Another big thing to consider is probably one of the best PvE abilities in the game, the Berserk Mode, which grants your class massive attack speed and damage potential. You’ll be a true master of the Berserker if you can! Paladin This is a great starting class for new players because the Paladin has the buffs/debuffs that make him survive longer against enemies and some great damage abilities that allow him to clear dungeons independently. Knowing a good combo will help a Paladin player create more damage without giving up his survivability. Gunlancers Since the Gunlancer is so tanky, staying alive is less of a concern for solo play. The most important thing will know how to put out damage with this tank-style class. Fights can go on for a very long time, and in late-game content, getting through fights quickly will be important. While still embracing his tanky nature, knowing which abilities to level give the Gunlancer some damage is essential for a solo player. Gunlancers are one of the slowest attackers in the game, but players can bypass this issue using runes. By activating effects to augment the abilities, gamers can increase this class’s clearing speed and damage dealing. Scrappers Scrapper is the most durable class among all martial artist classes in the game. Its durability and significant DPS damage make it the best solo class in the game. Scrapper is among the go-to jobs for players who focus quickly between solo playing and party activities. The Scrapper’s abilities will have slightly lower burst damage potential, but the sustain is worth it in solo play, particularly when leveling. We hope this list helps you in selecting the best solo class to play in Lost Ark. Thanks for reading, and good luck on your quest to find The Arks! For more guides, please visit here. In addition, you can buy cheap lost ark gold here. And 100% safe. This important currency will help you get the best gaming experience.
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