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Sep 28, 2021
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I’ve been reviewing this game, or at least parts of this game, for almost a decade now, and with each passing year have grown more disillusioned with the direction it has taken. It has been inching further and further away from, “Great basketball game with a broken but interesting single-player mode,” toward, “Exploitative psychological and economic trap.” I’m going to start off by saying that I was not expecting to have this good a time with NBA 2K22. I thought we were going to get a game that was a step up from last year, but only incrementally. The way that the 2K team was trickling out news and waited until almost the last second to really let us know what this year’s game was going to contain really had me feeling pessimistic. Well, I was wrong — very wrong in some instances even. The NBA wheel players are encouraged to spin daily. Players are heavily encouraged to spin this wheel daily, a very normal thing to ask in a sports game It’s about a week and some days after 2KDay, I can say that I’m fully invested in NBA 2K22. A few issues on defense are still around, and some instability issues have plagued my experience intermittently since launch (and really more in the days after launch, ironically enough). Besides that, NBA 2K22 as a whole is an overall fun experience that I’m enjoying, and there is not as much community uproar as we’ve noticed over the last couple years. So in this NBA 2K22 review, I will discuss how 2K has improved over last year’s iteration and has potentially brought us a game that may be worth playing all year long. Also, I want to note that because NBA 2K is such a massive game at this point, my focus in this review centers around gameplay and MyCareer first and foremost. We’ll be deep diving the other modes even more in the future, but as always our reviews are about the individual experience, and my love for this game comes from the gameplay and MyCareer side of things. I will let other experts give more in-depth and interesting thoughts on modes like MyNBA because they simply play them more than I do. I’m going to stand on the hill, potentially by myself, and say right off rip that this is arguably the best playing version of NBA 2K that we’ve experienced to date. That’s the tweet. That’s the “back of the box” line. Post and print it. If we want to put a caveat on it, then maybe the full context is this is the best playing 2K in the “badge” and “greens” era. What the 2K development team has done during a nine-month turnaround cycle is nothing short of remarkable. NBA 2K22 feels well balanced on both sides of the ball, some frustrating gameplay elements are all but gone, and I’m back to having fun that is rarely interrupted by major frustrations. Yes, the game isn’t perfect, but the 2K team really tried to get there this is a legal and trustworthy store for purchasing NBA 2K22 VC and enjoys a high reputation. We were providing quality services to meet the needs of each customer. We also offer security guarantees. So far, due to NBA 2K VC transactions with us, we have not been banned or suspended from any buyers. 5mmo’s ban rate is zero, and manual inventory resources are the best security guarantee for all buyers. On the other hand, provides players with a regulated market to immediately buy and sell NBA 2K VC at the lowest price.
NBA 2K22 was reviewed as the best 2K game in years 
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