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Jun 27, 2022
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1、 Installation of vertical pipeline centrifugal pump 1. Service conditions: water temperature ≤ 60 ℃, liquid pH value 4 ~ 10. ① The unique single leaf or double impeller centrifugal impeller structure is selected, which further improves the waste passing capacity, and can reasonably and effectively control the solid particles with the diameter of about 50% of the pump specification according to the chemical fiber chemicals 5 times of the pump specification. 2. New hard corrosion-resistant cobalt alloy raw materials are selected for the machine seal. At the same time, the sealing performance is improved to double face sealing, so that it can operate in the oil room for a long time, and the pump can operate safely for more than 8000h. 3. The overall structure is compact, small in size, low in noise, remarkable in environmental protection and energy conservation, and convenient in maintenance. It can work by diving into the water without building a water pump house, greatly reducing the project budget. 4. The pump sealing oil room is equipped with a high-precision anti-interference pipeline leakage detection sensor, and thermistor components are reserved in the stator winding to protect the pump motor. 5. The automatic safety protection control box can be selected according to the customer's need to maintain the water seepage, power flow, load and overheating of the vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, which improves the stability and reliability of the goods. 6. The cable float switch can automatically control the start and termination of the system pump according to the needs, without the care of full-time personnel, and the application is very convenient. 6. The double slide rail full-automatic coupling installation system software can be configured according to the customer's requirements, which makes installation and maintenance convenient, and people do not need to enter the waste water pit. 7. It can be applied within the full pump head range to ensure that the motor is not easy to load. 8. There are two different installation methods: fixed automatic coupling installation system software, and mobile random installation system software. 2、 Installation regulations for vertical pipeline centrifugal pump The technical focus of the installation is to specify the installation height of the pipeline sewage pump, that is, the suction lift. This height refers to the safe distance from the water resource river surface to the centrifugal pump impeller axis, which cannot be confused with the allowable suction vacuum pump height. The allowable suction vacuum pump height marked on the pump product manual or nameplate refers to the vacuum pump value on the cross-section of the water inlet pipe of the pump, and is measured through experiments under 1 standard atmospheric pressure and 20 ℃ water temperature. It does not take into account the water flow after the supporting facilities of the suction pipeline. The installation height of the water pump should be the remaining standard value after the allowable suction height of the vacuum pump is deducted from the pump head lost by the suction pipeline. It should get rid of the specific landform suction height. The installation height of the water pump shall not exceed the measured value, otherwise, the centrifugal water pump may not be able to pump water. How to prevent the formation of particles in the cavity of screw vacuum pump Liquid ring vacuum pump Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer