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We are launching coverage of debt tokens with Siri Hub Investment Digital Tokens (SIRIHUB), Thailand’s first investment token. This report is a pre-launch report and we note that Thailand’s Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is in the process of reviewing the launch at the time of this report. We understand XSpring Digital (formerly called SE Digital), SIRIHUB’s underwriter, has filed for SEC’s approval for the token launch since 5-May and the SEC has up to 90 days to assess the proposal. As such, we expect the SEC’s decision by 5-August.


Our initial thought on the token is that SIRIHUB-A at up to 4.5% dividend yield is unattractive, compared to Sansiri PCL (Sansiri)’s 4-year THB bond yield which hovers in the mid 4% handle at the time of this report. That said, SIRIHUB-B at up to 8.25% dividend yield is a much better choice, in our view, although SIRIHUB-B takes structural subordination to SIRIHUB-A. SIRIHUB-B is a better carry at 8.25% dividend yield (than SIRIHUB-A’s). Sansiri is rated “BBB+” by TRIS Rating. Assuming a one-notch lower rating for SIRIHUB-B at “BBB” on a national scale, SIRIHUB-B’s international scale rating could be in the “B” or “B-“ category. At a “B” credit rating on an international scale, we believe investors can still find 4-year Asian USD bonds with a yield-to-worst of more than an 8.25% handle.


Siri Hub Investment Digital Token: Thailand’s First Debt Token

HK$400.00 Regular Price
HK$360.00Sale Price
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