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Jun 21, 2021
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It's important to understand that WOW Gold Classic is a lot harder to make in the Classic version of World of Warcraft. Players who played back when the game first came out remember the long grind from levels 30 to 40 where you had to save up a bunch of Gold to get your first mount. This is incredibly important, because you will want a mount immediately. Getting around in the game is a huge pain, you'll be bound to flight paths and running around (slowly) to get to where you need to go. Your first mount in Classic is one of the big upgrades you get, and it makes getting around the map a whole lot easier. Save — Every Copper Piece Counts. This step may sound a bit obvious but is very essential to the level process. Do not waste a single piece of copper, especially on unnecessary spending. Food and drinks, for example, can be sort in other ways, say food creates in settlements and dungeons. You could also gather food and drinks from beverage kegs, or even ask a mage you befriend for craft food and drinks as a player in a mana class. When buying skills at the class trainer, only purchase those that you will use frequently. Avoid tempting resources and items that you may not need. You should additionally get big bags as fast as you can so that you can collect more items that you find during your adventures. They will come in handy when selling at the auction house. Moreover, You can check seeking prices with NPC merchants using addons like Vendor Pice. You will, in fact, find that addons will be quite worthwhile throughout the game. Whenever your bags are full, simply decide which items to discard, and which ones are worth selling. Finally, make all quests in the starting area of your heroic people and pursue quests that will strengthen your reputation to them since this paves way for lower purchase prices at all merchants of your people. Make the Auction House Your Second Home. The auction house should be your second home. Sold there mainly between Friday and Sunday green (or better)Loot items and resources, as the weekend most players and potential buyers are on the go. Bags, buff food, crafting supplies, and crafted armor made from specialty materials are always needed and can be sold well at not too exorbitant prices. Use an auction house add-on like "Auctioneer" to get an overview of popular prices and quickly find out where selling is most worthwhile. So you get along when other players have set things very cheap compared to the average achievable price. Buy these and put them back into the auction house for a higher price. So you can also try to raise the base price for certain goods such as a particular craft resource and to monopolize the sale. However, this requires a bit of patience, some capital, and regular visits! Alternatively, you play a twink as a pure banking character on level 5 and let him learn enchanting. Send this twink all the green items that you find in questing and do not need them yourself to disenchant them and put the collected materials into the auction house. Use Laziness of Others Profitably Some players do not have enough time, others are just too lazy to farm resources or look for textbooks and craft recipes in the game world. Take advantage of this circumstance and either learn a collective profession or a craft profession whose products sell well. High-quality herbs, ores and leathers are just as much a hit as bags and cooking materials. Since all crafting professions have significantly more recipes than the ones you purchase from the vocational teacher, it is worth keeping your eyes open in the game world and regularly visiting retailers with recipes on offer. Enough players save their way to the pampa and buy the available recipes for new potions, armor, weapons and food more conveniently in the auction house Often sought after, sold well: Particularly worthwhile are the expert textbook for first aid and the textbooks for heavy silk bandages and magic bandages, as you do not receive them from a teacher, but with Balai Lok'Wein in Brackenwall (Marches of Dustwallow, Horde) or Deneb Walker at Stromgarde Castle (Arathi Highlands, Alliance). Fishing Fishing is often a very neglected skill, as many players are annoyed by the constant "staring at the blinker". But it's worth the while: Once you have reached higher fishing levels, you sell rare fish for a decent fee in the auction house. For example, Alchemists need these fish: Nightfin Snapper Nightfin Soup Stonescale Oil Stonescale Eel From this, they make basic materials. Chefs love to fish and shellfish of all kinds to make buff food. If you want to learn to cook yourself, fish is the cheapest resource - they only cost you time and patience. On the side, you can fish very well. Here we fish in the wreckage, of which there are resources that you can not collect yourself, some bales of material or herbs. Farm Dungeons With some company, visit the dungeons – or return to low-level dungeons after reaching level 50 at least, to collect a variety of useful loot left behind in solo mass killing. Hunters, sorcerers, and mages have this advantage over others – their location comes with plenty of goods. Endgame materials such as Stratholme, Scholomance, Dark Runes, Righteous Baubles, and essences of Undeath, are especially worthwhile. Low-level dungeons are easier and have lots of trash mobs, therefore, should be used for resource-gathering, since the collected items promise a secure income. Hope our wow classic gold farming guide can help you get enough gold to buy the first mount in the game. 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