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Asian Frontier Monitor: South Asia and OBOR - The Road Less Travelled

Bondcritic is embarking on a series of a thematic research pieces on China’s Belt and Road Initiative or One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) to study the impact on Asia. We start with a study on the impact on OBOR on South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka), which forms a key component of the OBOR project.

The geographical proximity to China, as well as access to trade routes of the Middle East and Africa, has made China extremely interested in the region. While the project was initially welcomed by countries such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka, it has run into hurdles in the last few months, due to the rising debt burden on these countries. On the other hand, countries such as India have not joined the project and are looking at their own alternative trade corridors in partnership with Japan. Such a corridor would rival the OBOR.

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